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Mini Split DuctlessMini split ductless air conditioners in Cape Coral and Fort Myers are becoming more popular as time evolves with the air conditioning industry throughout Southwest Florida. Mini splits were designed for areas in your home or business in places traditional central AC units present challenges. A typical application for a mini split ductless AC would be in the garage, a workshop, or even a room in your home that is not efficiently being cooled or heated. Mini splits do not require duct work so areas in your home or office where it is impossible to run a duct system from a central unit would not be required. Listed below are some of the typical applications where a mini split could be used.

  • Houses & rooms that require cooling, heat or both
  • Sun & Season rooms
  • Open-wall remodels
  • Historical structures
  • Vacation rentals
  • Bonus space - garages, basements, attics, sheds
  • Commercial spaces – offices, restaurants, classrooms, hotel/motel, dorms, etc
  • Supplement to inefficient/insufficient systems to maintain desired comfort level

Mini split units that are installed in each air conditioned room allow you to have more control over the temperature.  When a room is not in use, the mini split can be turned off to save energy and will lower power usage.  Ductless AC can also be configured to cool several different zones in your home or business using dual-zone, tri-zone and in some cases, even quad-zone.  Mini splits are quieter and more energy efficient and more adaptable than traditional systems, up to 38 SEER on some models.  

Split-duct central air conditioners are installed in the exterior walls of your business and provide both heating and cooling in one system through a duct system that splits the interior air from the outdoor air and flows to each room through vents that blow cool air or warm your rooms according to the season we are in.

The benefits of a split-system over the traditional air conditioning system is that each individual fan motor is sealed and therefore not affected by weather related temperature fluctuations unlike an exposed area within the coil of the traditional ducted heating/cooling units that causes the system to operate at higher speeds thereby wasting more electricity than necessary and lower airflow which can compromise overall comfort and air quality. 

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