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HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

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Southwest Heating and Cooling is the go to Air Conditioning Company to meet your Air Conditioning services in Southwest FL. Whether you need a little extra from your unit in the way of returns in the home to cool certain rooms, or your unit is older and in need of repair or replacement - rest assured, we have the knowledge and staff to meet your needs.

To help you better understand some of the terminology of HVAC and its components, please read the following.

Of the 12 months in 2020, Cape Coral saw an average high temperature of 92.6* according to Cape Coral Weather. The average low temperature was 59.5.

Heating: The fact that we do not need much heat in Southwest Florida is evident by the preceding statement. None the less, when it does get cold, we need and expect our heat to work.

Most folks do not realize that in a split system, the heater is actually a separate component housed in the air handler cabinet. Sometimes when units are installed, making sure the heat is working is not a priority and therefore does not get completely hooked up. The staff at Southwest Heating and Cooling is very careful to complete each step of the installation process completely to ensure all equipment is and will continue to function properly.

Ventilation: Whether we are running the heat, fan, or air conditioning, proper ventilation is essential to ensure optimal performance of these functions. Ductwork is the means by which air is ventilated throughout the area. In split systems, a plenum is a box that is built for the intake and return runs to connect to that then connect to the air handler. If any of these pieces are compromised, it can have a negative effect on your goals to maintain a comfortable temperature. Upon installation of a new unit, Southwest Heating and Cooling personnel take an extra few steps to make certain your system is properly ventilated and sealed so you may enjoy the cost effectiveness of your investment.

Air Conditioning: Air Conditioning is the process of altering air (primarily temperature and humidity) to more comfortable conditions, typically with the aim of distributing the conditioned air to an occupied space such as a building or vehicle to improve thermal comfort and indoor air quality.  In split systems, the air handler and condenser play equal roles in reaching optimal comfort.

The air handler is the equipment that moves air into your living space, also known as the blower. It does have an evaporator coil that the air flows over after it has been returned to the unit from the condenser in a gas form. It also extracts warm air from your living space by drawing it in through the return lines of your ductwork.  As warm air is blown across a cool coil, heat is removed and carried outside through the condensing unit refrigerant lines in a vapor form. Now you have cool air which is then distributed back in to your living space through the air handler, then your supply duct lines.

System Variations: Split Systems were referenced in this segment as most units in Southwest Florida are split systems. The other most common unit is the package unit. It is a system that is usually placed on a roof. Most new homes were built, and still are, with split central air conditioning because it’s much more cost-efficient to run over time. Space restrictions often determine the need for a package unit. In an older , smaller, or mobile home, the package unit is likely your equipment. There are also Heat Pump systems and Chilling units just to name a couple. Reliable AC heating and cooling personnel can help you better understand your system and how it works. Our technicians are here to help you enjoy the lifestyle of Southwest Florida which certainly includes the comforts of air conditioning. You can be an HVAC technician too with the scholarships offered by They will teach you the proper way to do HVAC repair in Olympia, WA, and other services related to heating and cooling systems.


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